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Lunar New Year celebration nuance (China new year) this year was different. Dominance of red color shown in several shopping centers, for example, compilation with pink colors. Understandably, today's Lunar New Year celebrations coincided with Valentine's Day (Valentines Day). Through various forms of ornamentation, red color is identical to the Lunar New Year combined with pink signal there are two moments together. Valentine's Day decorations usually manifested in the form of an image made of red hearts

In celebrating Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year's Day that coincided not easy, Valentine's Day is usually identical with 'hura-hura'. Now has shifted to concern for others and the return of family values. What else to celebrate Valentine and imlek, presented together with a romantic sense, certainly added fun.
Here's How to Bring the romance on Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year could be a reference for you.

1. Setting the mood.
Create our mood, atmosphere and can choose the perfect place to celebrate Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year, make room scattered candles or lanterns which tends to combine imlek day becoming a dim atmosphere and romantise.

2. Food Presents Own Works.
Create their own culinary works of unique, and desirable. Because the work presented cuisine tends itself more impressive. But we must be smart to invite select the nuances of love in you to have compassion and love from our partners and keluaraga. And dessert provided, which adds an elegant impression. So it could increase our time to chat with your partner or family.

3. Prepare a Gift or Surprise Gift
Valentine's gift is the core, such as chocolate, flowers, dolls, and for those who celebrate imlek Angpau create the impression that presents with a pink bandage. Indetik Angpau even though the red color and with gold writing and in apasalahnya plus a little pink decorations to add to the atmosphere of love.

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